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About Us

About Us

Blue Dash Securities Limited is a fully registered licensed company in the republic of Kenya, Registration Number……. We are dedicating ourselves by our dedication to meticulous personnel selection, training and testing, supervision and management which results in the high quality of standards for which Blue Dhash Securities has become known.

Blue Dhash Securities develop and nurture a well-trained and loyal team of concierge officers who are at the very best heart of our operation s. Training at Blue Dhash securities is a rigorous process of identifying committed service professionals. Individuals come to the company with varying levels of technical skills and backgrounds both inside and outside.

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Our Vision

The main task of our security service is to provide customers with the highest level of service. We quickly implement new techniques and methods of work that appear in the world, which is probably why the organization is known as a reliable and highly qualified partner in ensuring security. For Blue Dhash Securities, the opinions of all clients are the main criteria for assessing professionalism.

Our Mission

To provide a safe and secure environment to the local community and we should be recognized as the leading accredited security company providing quality and reliable services to our valuable customers and local business community. The goal of our security service in Kenya is maximum efficiency while minimizing costs. We understand perfectly well that security issues are an integral part of modern business and its response to the challenges of today. Our company offers flexible solutions that satisfy the most demanding customers.


Our Aim is to provide exceptional security service and workmanship which is cost effective for the companies. In addition to this we strive to render our services in reliable, efficient and professional manner

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Frequently Asked Questions

We specialize in manned guarding, Cash in Transit, Courier Services, Supply and installations of technical products such as Electric Fence, CCTV, Intruder Alarms, Walk-through metal detectors, Parking Management, Turnstiles and Biometrics and Access control.

We are registered and regulated by the Private Security Regulatory Authority (PSRA).

After selection, we take our guards through an extensive 3 week internal training program.  We train our guards on Ethics and Professionalism, Search and Arrest procedures, Crime Detection and prevention, Communication Skills, Basic First Aid, Access Control Procedures, Evacuation and Emergency Procedures, Counter terrorism and Fire Fighting and many many more

We have base stations spread across the country that  are manned 24/7 by two controllers per shift, who are tasked with the primary duty of monitoring Transmitter signals, CCTVs and Alarm back-up vehicles’ response to alarms and emergencies.


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